Safe Patient Systems provides a comprehensive service to ensure that you have full support from the engagement and design phase through to implementation, thus enabling an effective and sustainable service to the patient.

Service design

One of the keys to delivering effective sustainable services is how that service is designed from the start. The move towards a more self-managed approach to Long Term Conditions with the patient remaining in their home within the community requires services to be redesigned to deliver more efficient use of clinical resources supported by technology to achieve better clinical and patient outcomes.

Our expertise and experience in supporting this early design phase working with commissioners and clinicians in the service team as appropriate.

Pathway design

Underpinning any service is the design of the care pathway for the patient, often potentially more complex as integration around multiple co-morbidities becomes the norm rather than the exception.

A typical pathway supported by our mhealth technology will include a patient assessment process applied at the beginning and also at intervals during the pathway, a referral process, the monitoring process –whether that be very light touch or more rigorous dependent upon the patient’s condition, an alerting process so that appropriate and timely clinical intervention and support can be offered and a measurement process that shows not only the effectiveness of the regime for the patient but also shows performance indicators for the service itself providing data for long term management and future commissioning decisions.

We can provide not only the technical knowledge to get the optimum use of mhealth technology but can also provide support from a clinical perspective.

Clinical, staff and patient engagement

Safe Patient Systems can facilitate clinical, patient and staff engagement as required to support both commissioning requirements and to ensure effective realisation of the expected benefits and outcomes.

Often the limiting factor in effective deployment of a new service is incomplete buy in from staff or patients rather than any limitation in the supportive technology or redesigned pathway. Effective engagement led and facilitated by Safe Patient Systems mitigates that risk.

Implementation support

Throughout the implementation of a new or enhanced service there is the need for ongoing support in the form of staff training, further engagement and specialist advice. Safe Patient Systems provides this support as a routine component of our mhealth service.

Throughout the life of the contract our mhealth platform will continue to be enhanced and as such we provide ongoing staff development and training to optimise the outcomes realised by the our solution. These technology enhancements together with any trouble shooting are all done remotely through remote access software thus reducing the need for device recalls or down time of the system.

We can also provide a ‘delivery’ service direct to patients once they have been put onto a mhealth programme by their clinician.

Clinical triage

In most cases the alerts generated by the mhealth are managed and triaged as required by clinicians within the service. However, if required through our partners, Safe Patient Systems can provide Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered clinical call centre triage process external to the service. This team can provide both pre-emptive and pro-active communications to patients in order to support their care or can escalate a patient to an appropriate local intervention or service.

Evaluation and analytics

Robust and comprehensive data together with clinical interpretation is provided as standard allowing the service to improve and the commissioning team to evaluate.

Note that all of the above are component parts of the whole service offered as routine by Safe Patient Systems within the agreed contract.