Why Safe Mobile Multi Care?

There are over 20,000 Care and Nursing Homes across the UK (Care Home 2014), supporting over 350,000 residents, many of whom will suffer from a Long Term Condition. Over 60% of admissions to hospital after 6pm are from Care Homes, which account for over 500,000 admissions per annum.

There is also increasing pressure on Community Teams and GP’s who are required to attend Care Homes if a carer believes a residents condition may be worsening – on a reactive rather than pro-active basis. The Francis report has raised awareness around the need for standards in Care and Nursing Homes to improve and ensure quality and safety standards are met, drive improvement and stamp out bad practice to protect the most vulnerable in our society. There is also an opportunity to provide accessible, trustworthy information so organisations can improve the quality of care and services, including health and medication support.

There is an important role for an integrated mobile health platform to play in supporting a better quality of care for residents in Care and Nursing Homes, it can help to enable more effective and efficient use of Community and GP healthcare resources; support new service pathways; reduce unplanned admissions and improve well-being for residents in Care and Nursing Homes.

Safe Patient Systems has created an integrated mobile, multi user platform that can enable personalised care plans to be created and easily used by carers or nurses in a home to pro-actively and pre-emptively monitor relevant residents in Care Homes who suffer from Long Term Conditions (LTCs).



  • “Helps me to manage several personalised care plans at the same time.”
  • “Flexible and easy to use”



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How Safe Mobile Multi Care Works?

The solution’s simplicity makes it very easy to set-up, configure and use: