Safe Mobile Text

Why Safe Text Care?

Safe Text Care is a low cost, easy to set up text messaging service used to effectively support the 70-80% of people suffering with a single non-severe Long Term Condition, who are at low risk of complications and hospitalisation. The solution enables patients to take greater responsibility for the management of their own condition, treatment and lifestyle through the use of appropriate care, support and reminders delivered via text messages to the patient’s own mobile phone. Information captured via text message is automatically recorded as part of the patient’s record, allowing easy access for the relevant healthcare professionals.

As part of the Safe Mobile Care platform, Safe Text Care provides a graduated ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ service that is fully integrated with Safe Mobile Care. It’s capable of:

  1. Helping to prevent Long Term Conditions from worsening and enabling the patient to eventually be independent, or;
  2. Signalling the need for the patient to ‘step up’ onto the Safe Mobile Care solution for closer clinical monitoring, and pro-active and pre-emptive support and intervention if behaviour indicates increased health risk.

How Safe Text Care works

Safe Text works by initially getting the patient to ‘opt in’ to the text messaging service. Safe Text then sends out scheduled text messages to the patient’s own mobile phone to both prompt medication reminders, as well as cue the patient to text back with their condition responses (such as weight and blood pressure).

Types of message & communication:

  • Medication reminders (i.e. have you taken your tablets?)
  • Lifestyle reminders (i.e. have you exercised today?)
  • Response reminders (i.e. blood pressure, weight)

  • Easy to use

    The simple text service provides a sense of familiarity - it’s as simple as texting a friend or family member.

  • Easy to deploy

    It takes less than 5 minutes for a healthcare professional to set-up a patient, by scheduling individual reminders, prompts and care support questions.

  • Easy to Integrate

    The Safe Mobile Care Triage Management software makes it easy to integrate or interface with any other healthcare or social system to ensure a holistic patient record.

  • Easy to scale and expand

    Safe Text Care operates on the integrated Safe Mobile Care platform. If the text messages indicate the patient needs closer monitoring, they can step up to Safe Mobile Care.