“We solve clinical problems by creating simple solutions, designed by clinicians that harness technology to enable more efficient healthcare delivery”

Mark Doorbar

CEO, Safe Patient Systems

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About us

The Healthcare Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Today’s healthcare system is facing many challenges. One challenge being the fact 25% of people with long term conditions consume 70% of the health and care spend in England, due to factors such as avoidable emergency hospital admissions and re-admissions, which cost the NHS over £1.5 billion per annum.

In other words, healthcare professionals are being tasked with improving the quality of service delivered to an increasing number of patients while also reducing the ever growing cost through efficiency savings.

Being a clinically driven business with a clinical and medical foundation has allowed Safe Patient Systems™ to gain a unique insight into the problems of modern healthcare, and to ensure our solutions best meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.

What we do

We solve clinical problems by creating simple and patient centric mobile solutions, designed by clinicians that harness technology to enable more efficient healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.

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How we achieve what we achieve…

As an agile, clinically founded technology and services business, we base our web enabled solutions on the following key principles:

Patient Centric:

Putting the patient at the centre of what we create is fundamental to ensure the service provided meets everyone’s Long Term Condition Management needs.

Open and Accessible Solutions:

Irrespective of ethnicity, social background, age, language, health or disability, the solution can support patients with multiple conditions using one integrated care pathway.

Familiar, easy to use mobile solutions:

We source the most appropriate hardware to meet end-user requirements with a focus on touchscreen smartphones and tablets that are very easy to use for patients of all ages.

Fast and Easy Deployment:

Our Safe Mobile Care solution is fast and easy to deploy, requiring no technical expertise so that healthcare professionals are able to set up directly wherever the patient may be.

Fully Customisable:

Our software is architected in a way that enables us to not only facilitate high levels of configuration and customisation, but to also evolve its capabilities in a way that 'future proofs' the platform.

Service Redesign:

By working closely with stakeholders, our solutions enable safer, more efficient and empowering service delivery for people with long term conditions.

Easy 3rd party system integration:

The open web based software enables easy integration into existing patient record systems.

Clinical Foundation:

Our clinical foundation underpins our solutions and focus on clinical governance. Our solution has full medical accreditation and compliance: ISOs 9001, 13485, MHRA Class 1, CE mark and N3 accredited.